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Thomas, Lord Audley School (map)
Monkwick Avenue, Colchester, Essex CO2 8NJ
Tel: 01206 547911

About the school
Thomas, Lord Audley is a mixed comprehensive school on the southern edge of Colchester. It has 980 pupils, which is about the same as most secondary schools. The school has a 10 place unit for visually impaired pupils.


Most recent Ofsted Inspection Report: Jan 2001

Quotes from the Ofsted Report:

This is an effective school. The overall standards reached by pupils are comparable with the national average

[The school] makes very good provision for visually impaired pupils

The pupils are given the opportunity to attend all school outings, including trips abroad, and also attend events specifically for students with a visual impairment, such as the theatre and RNIB holidays

However, although the VI pupils are included academically, they are not yet fully accepted, socially, by their peers.




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