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Sythwood Primary School (map)
Horsell, Woking, Surrey GU21 3AX
Tel: 01483 770063
Website:  www.sythwood.surrey.sch.uk

About the school
Sythwood school is larger than most. It had 395 pupils on roll in March 2004 aged from three to 11, of whom 11 are visually impaired.


Most recent Ofsted Inspection report: March 2004

Quotes from the Ofsted report


This highly effective school provides very good value for money because of the excellent leadership of the headteacher, high quality teaching and pupilsí very good achievements.

Provision for visually impaired pupils is very good

Induction arrangements are outstanding for the transfer of visually impaired pupils to local secondary schools.

Visually impaired pupils work alongside others doing the same challenging work, the only differences being that their worksheets are written in Braille and their computers talk to them to help them write on the screen.



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