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St Stephen's CoE Primary School (map)
Hunters Chase, South Godstone, Surrey, RH9 8HR
Tel: 01342 892219

About the school
St Stephen's school is about the same size as other primary schools with 199 full-time and 22 part-time pupils aged four to 11 in seven mixed ability classes. The school has a unit for visually impaired unit that currently has nine pupils on roll.


Most recent Ofsted inspection report: Oct 2002

Quotes from the Ofsted report:

The quality of teaching and learning is now consistently high

Support for pupils with special educational needs in the main school and in the unit for visually impaired pupils is very effective

The [visually impaired] pupils are so much a part of the main school that for much of the time it is difficult to identify them as being any different from the other pupils.

Visually impaired pupils go horse riding



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