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Shavington High School (map)
Rope Lane, Shavington, Crewe CW2 5DH
Tel: 01270 662111


About the School
This is an average sized Community comprehensive school educating 965 boys and girls aged 11 to 16 years. average. The school makes special provision for 10 visually impaired pupils.


Most Recent Ofsted Inspection Report: Feb 2001

Quotes from the Ofsted report:

The school provides a satisfactory standard of education with many strong features.

The educational provision for pupils with special educational needs, including those with visual impairment, is strong and makes a significant contribution to the school’s high level of success in A*-G results in the GCSE examinations.

Pupils take particularly good care of those with visual or physical impairment

[Visually impaired] students take part fully in school life, becoming increasingly independent and confident.



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