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Reculver CofE Primary School (map)
Hillborough, Herne Bay, Kent CT6 6TA
Tel: 01227 375907
Email: administration@reculver.kent.sch.uk

About the school
Reculver Church of England Primary School educates boys and girls aged from four to 11 years.The school has integrated units for pupils with visual impairment and for those with specific learning difficulties. The visual impairment unit has 12 places.

Most recent Ofsted inspection report: March 2002

Quotes from the Ofsted report:

Reculver CofE Primary School is a good school with several very good features. The full inclusion of all pupils in its work is a high priority and is achieved very well.

Those with visual impairment and additional specific educational needs make very good progress.

Pupils with visual impairment often achieve average standards, with a few doing extremely well, for example in mathematics, where some pupilsí attainment is above average.

[Pupils with visual impairment] are supported by achievable targets within their own learning plans, which also help to improve their self-esteem, self-image and independence.



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