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Raynehurst Infant School (map)
Cerne Road, Gravesend DA12 4BN
Tel: 01474 361191 (Infants)
Tel: 01474 325662 (Nursery)
Email: headteacher@raynehurst-infant.kent.sch.uk

About the school
Raynehurst Infant School and Nursery is a community school in an urban area, on the edge of Gravesend. It is located in mature and spacious grounds and shares the same site as the adjacent junior school. Raynehurst is the only mainstream school in Kent to have designated provision for both physically disabled and visually impaired pupils.

Most recent Ofsted Inspection Report: June 2000

Quotes from the Ofsted Report

This school provides a very caring and well-organised environment for all its pupils.

The work of the teams supporting physically disabled and visually impaired pupils is very good.

The specialist teaching for the visually impaired is of very high quality, enabling these pupils to take a full and active part in the curriculum.

Pupils with visual impairment and pupils with physical disabilities are achieving very well and regularly reach and often surpass the key targets set for them.

Pupils with visual impairment learn to read and write in Braille and to move around the classrooms, school buildings and playground with confidence and freedom.



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