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Ralph Thoresby High School (map)
Farrar Lane, Holt Park, Leeds LS16 7NQ
Tel: 01132 259 911

About the school
Ralph Thoresby High is an average-size comprehensive school which educates about 506 boys and 530 girls aged 11-18 (including a sixth form of around 154). It has had the status of a Performing Arts college since 2003. The school has enhanced provision for pupils with severe visual impairment.


Most recent Ofsted inspection report: Oct 2004

Quotes from the Ofsted report:

This is a good, effective school. It has many more strengths than weaknesses.

The school’s provision for pupils with learning difficulties and for those with visual or physical disabilities is very good and a central strength of the school’s high inclusiveness.

Good opportunities, such as mobility training, are successfully provided to develop independent life skills for pupils with visual impairment.

Pupils with visual impairment readily access learning materials and tasks. This is because teachers provide clear information and instructions.

A large pool of 26learning support assistants, carefully arranged into teams, focuses very well on literacy and numeracy, care for physically handicapped and visually impaired pupils,



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