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Markeaton Primary School (map)
Newton's Walk, Bromley Street, Derby DE22 1HL
Tel: 01332 347374

About the school
Markeaton Primary is a larger than average primary school for pupils aged from five to eleven. It has a special teaching facility for 15 pupils with sight impairment.

Most recent Ofsted Inspection Report: April 2005

Quotes from the report:

This is a good school that gives good value for money.

The provision for pupils who are sight impaired is excellent.

Specialist teaching for pupils who are sight impaired is sensitive and very well organised to make the best use of staff expertise.

Pupils who are sight impaired achieve particularly well because of the excellent provision that is made for them.

[Visually impaired] pupils develop a high level of confidence and independence through a range of specialist activities that are specifically designed for their needs.



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