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Jubilee Primary School (map)
Filey Avenue, London, N16 6NR
Tel: 020 8806 5446

About the school
Jubilee Primary School is a very large school, of rich cultural diversity, serving an area of substantial material hardship. The school accommodates a unit for Visually Impaired pupils. The school is maintained by The Learning Trust, which must be consulted for resourced places.



Most recent Ofsted Inspection Report: Dec 2003


Quotes from the Ofsted report:

This is a very good school striving for excellence.

The provision for pupils with special educational needs including the Visual Impairment Unit - is very good and this enables them to make good progress in their learning.

The school also has a computer suite that is effectively time-tabled and used throughout the year groups and also by the visually impaired pupils who benefit for the specialised enlarged fonts on certain computers.



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