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Highdown School (map)
Emmer Green, Reading, Berkshire RG4 8LR
Tel: 0118 9015800

About the school
Highdown School is an average-sized mixed comprehensive, taking boys and girls aged between 11 and 18. A unit for visually impaired (VI) pupils with 8 places is attached to the school.


Most recent Ofsted Inspection report: Oct 2002

Quotes from the report:

This is a good school with many very good features. It has made rapid and sustained improvement since the last inspection.

Provision for pupils with visual impairment is very good.

Visually impaired pupils make remarkable gains in self-confidence and independence, enabling them to cope with all the demands of a large and complex secondary school.

Overall, the attainment of pupils with visual impairment matches that of similar pupils who are not visually impaired.

Pupils with visual impairment spend almost all their time in mainstream lessons and are very well taught. They make good progress.

Very close contact is maintained with the parents of visually impaired pupils throughout their lives in school.



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