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George Abbot School (map)
Woodruff Avenue, Burpham, Guildford GU1 1XX
Tel: 01483 888000

About the school
George Abbot School is a large 11 to 18 comprehensive community school with 1,924 boys and girls, including 415 sixth form students. The school has a unit for fifteen visually impaired pupils, who are mainly taught in mainstream classes.


Most recent Ofsted inspection report: Dec 2002

Quotes from the Ofsted report:

The overall effectiveness of the school is excellent. Standards are well above average.

The visually-impaired pupils are given very good support in the unit, and class teachers take care to include them in lesson activities. In the unit, pupils are taught essential skills such as touch typing, so that in lessons they can easily use their lap top computers for writing



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