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Gateacre Community Comprehensive School
Grange Lane, Liverpool L25 4SD (Map)
Tel: 0151 428 1569
Email: gateacre-ao@gateacre.liverpool.sch.uk

About the school
Gateacre is a large school that has grown rapidly since 2000 to accommodate students from a nearby closing school. The school has a 25-place unit for visually impaired students.

Most Recent Ofsted Inspection Report: October 2003

Quotes from the Ofsted report:

Gateacre is a good school.

The provision for visually impaired pupils is excellent. These pupils benefit from learning alongside sighted pupils and everyone in the school has an opportunity to appreciate that disability is not a barrier to achievement.

Visually impaired pupils can fearlessly and safely move around a complex school site

[VI] students are very keen and enthusiastic about learning and frequently relish new challenges.

There are very good links with parents and lots of opportunities for them to be involved in their child’s learning



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