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Christ the King RC Primary School (map)
Warren Farm Road, Kingstanding, Birmingham B44 0QN
Tel: 0121 3731741
Email: enquiry@christking.bham.sch.uk

About the school
Christ the King is a large Roman Catholic Primary School for children aged 3-11. It has a unit for 19 children who are visually impaired.

Most recent Ofsted Inspection Report: Nov 2002

Quotes from the report:

Overall, the school adds good value to its pupilsí education. It is an effective school where pupils are fully included in all activities and achieve well.

Classroom assistants are aware of the need for pupils with visual impairment to become as independent as possible and build this into their curriculum plans and their teaching.

Pupils with visual impairment make good progress in all aspects of their learning because of the high level of skilled support and teaching they receive from specialist support staff.

Good use is made of local facilities for mobility training. For example, there are weekly visits by younger children to a soft play facility at the local special school, donkey riding is available at a local centre and there is annual residential experience for older pupils.

Pupils with visual impairment move confidently around the classrooms and the school site.

The inclusion of pupils with visual impairment makes a significant contribution to the moral and social development of all the pupils in the school.



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