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The Charles Dickens School (map)
Broadstairs Road, Broadstairs, Kent CT10 2RL
Tel: 01843 862988
Website: www.cdsonline.org.uk/

About the school
The Charles Dickens School is an 11-16 mixed non-selective secondary modern school. It is average in size, with 968 students.  A small number of visually impaired students drawn from a wider area are admitted.


Most recent Ofsted Inspection Report: Dec 2004

Quotes from the Ofsted Report

The Charles Dickens School is a good school. It gives good value for money. Students achieve well.

The percentage of students identified as having special educational needs (SEN) is above the national average and the percentage with a statement of special educational needs is also above the national average.

Teaching and learning are good and the school provides a good quality of education overall.

Provision for students who are visually impaired is very good, but targets in individual education plans (IEPs) for students with special educational needs (SEN) are often too general.



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