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Tower Hamlets

A request under the Freedom of Information Act to Tower Hamlets Borough Council for a list of mainstream primary and secondary schools in the borough with facilities for the visually impaired drew the following response:

Tower Hamlets has an inclusive education policy and we aim to support all children including those with visual impairment in their neighbourhood school. However, certain schools in the borough are more experienced with children with visual impairment.

The primary schools with most experience and good practice are:

1. Harbinger: Cahir Street, E14 3QP. Tel: 020 7987 1924
(they have a small resource room where braille can be produced electronically and used for other pupils in the borough)

2. Halley: Halley Street, E14 7SS. Tel: 020 7265 8061

3. Bangabandhu: Wessex Street, E2 OLB. Tel: 020 8980 0580

The secondary schools with the most experience and braille users are:

1. Mulberry: Richard Street, E1 2JP. Tel: 020 7790 6327

2. Morpeth: Portman Place, E2 OPX. Tel: 020 8981 0921

Note: Ofsted makes no mention of any special facilities for visually impaired children in any of these schools



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