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(Office for Standards in Education)

A request under the Freedom of Information Act to OFSTED for a list of mainstream primary and secondary schools in England with facilities for the visually impaired drew the following response:

Unfortunately Ofsted does not record in any database whether a school has provision for visually impaired children. You have suggested we should be able to source this information from individual inspection reports. Unfortunately this would be a very resource intensive exercise. Under the Freedom of Information guidance published by the Department for Constitutional Affairs government bodies should assess the cost implications of Freedom of Information requests. If the cost of answering the request exceeds 600 then these are grounds for not answering the request. Given that this request would require someone to look through the last inspection reports of around 22,000 schools we have judged that the cost would far exceed the 600 threshold.

However I have managed to find some readily available information within Ofsted that might help you. Since 2003 headmasters are asked to provide certain information prior to an inspection. One of the pieces of information they are asked to supply is the number of visually impaired children in their school. I have collated this information and it is presented in the attached spreadsheet. I have separated schools into three groups: those with no visually impaired children, those with less than five visually impaired children and those with five or more visually impaired children.

You should note that this data only relates to those schools inspected since 2003 and the information provided by headmasters has not been validated.



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