a better education for visually impaired children



Mainstream secondary schools with facilities for VI students

The Westwood School
Mitchell Avenue
Coventry CV4 8DY
Tel: 024 7646 7779

Mainstream primary schools with facilities for VI students


A request under the Freedom of Information Act to the Coventry City Council for a list of mainstream primary and secondary schools in the city with facilities for the visually impaired drew the following response:


In the Coventry area, there is one secondary school with a designated specialist resource base for pupils with visual impairments: The Westwood School, Mitchell Avenue, Coventry, CV4 8DY.

Children with visual impairments also attend many other primary and secondary schools in Coventry, using specialist equipment as required. As an example of this, the following schools currently have visually impaired pupils using closed circuit television equipment to access curriculum materials:

Primary Schools
John Gulson
Broad Heath
Gosford Park
Wyken Croft
Stanton Bridge
St. Augustine's
St. Bartholomew's

Secondary Schools
Coundon Court
Ernesford Grange



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