a better education for visually impaired children



A request under the Freedom of Information Act to the Camden Borough Council for a list of mainstream primary and secondary schools in the borough with facilities for the visually impaired drew the following response:

All schools have a duty under the Disability Discrimination Act to make reasonable adaptations to the classroom and environment to include children with visual impairment. Camden LEA does not have particular mainstream schools that have a resource base attached to them for children with visual impairment. However, South Camden Community School has successfully included a pupil with visual impairment.

If you have a child with visual impairment and would like to send them to a mainstream school, we would suggest that you contact the Headteacher or Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator of the school you are interested in. I have enclosed booklets where you will find the contact details of all Camden maintained schools.

Alternatively, you may wish to contact Sally Avens, Special Educational Needs Manager, for advice and information. Her telephone number is 020 7974 4526.



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