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The Toynbee School (map)
Bodycoats Road, Chandlerís Ford, Eastleigh,
Hampshire SO53 2PL. Tel: 02380 269026


About the school
The Toynbee School is an 11-16 comprehensive school serving parts of Chandlerís Ford, Eastleigh and adjacent areas. A visually impaired unit is on site, serving 14 pupils from several local education authorities.


Most recent Ofsted Inspection Report: April 2000

Quotes from the Ofsted report

This  is a very good school with many strong features.

Current provision for pupils with special educational needs, including those with visual impairment, is good, but management structures and staffing levels are not strong enough to sustain this position.

The emphasis is on participation by all pupils and take-up is very high. It includes many high attaining pupils, many lower attainers, and successfully integrates sighted and visually impaired pupils.

The area of special educational needs concerned with visual impairment provides  very effective mainstream schooling for 14 pupils, but it is housed separately and to a large extent is separately managed.



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