a better education for visually impaired children



A request under the Freedom of Information Act to Sutton Borough Council for a list of mainstream primary and secondary schools in the borough with facilities for the visually impaired drew the following response:

Given the low incidence of these needs, the London Borough of Sutton does not maintain specialist provision for children with visual impairments. Needs are assessed on an individual basis and we would endeavour to meet those needs within a mainstream school or setting, where appropriate, with support from our Sensory Impairment Service. For Sutton residents, where, following Statutory Assessment, it was considered that the resources needed exceeded those normally available to mainstream schools and Early Years settings, a Statement of Special Educational Needs would be issued. When advising the child’s parents about an appropriate placement, the Sensory Impairment Team would draw attention to mobility and independence issues.

If a local independent school were named on a Sutton Statement of Special Educational Needs, the Sensory Impairment Service would provide support to the school. A Sutton pupil without a Statement attending a local independent school could be offered one monitoring visit and written advice per year. There are no independent special schools with specific provision for children with visual impairments within Sutton.



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