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Sharples Primary School (map)
Ashworth Lane, Bolton BL1 8RX
Tel: 01204 303306

About the school
The school was originally built as a junior school and was subsequently extended into a primary school with a nursery. The building is light and airy and is set in extensive and interesting grounds that include playing fields. Sharples Primary is a resource school for 16 visually impaired pupils and there have been many adaptations to the building to fit it for the purpose.

Most recent Ofsted Inspection Report: Nov 1999


Quotes from the Ofsted report

The school is very well led and managed. Teaching is good overall and leads to pupils making good progress.

Pupils with visual impairment make very good progress and play a very active part in the life of the school.

The [VI unit] is staffed by two teachers and four full time learning support assistants, a Mobility Officer and a keyboard skills teacher.

Pupils learning braille do so from an early age and quickly become competent as a result of some very good teaching and support

[VI] pupils are confident and happy in the school.



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