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Kensington and Chelsea

A request under the Freedom of Information Act to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea for a list of mainstream primary and secondary schools in the borough with facilities for the visually impaired drew the following response:

I am happy to advise you about the provision we make for children with a visual impairment attending schools maintained within the Royal Borough although we do not produce a list.

When the parent of a child with a visual impairment wishes them to attend one of our schools we would seek the advice of our Peripatetic Teacher Service for the Visually Impaired.  One of our specialist teachers will normally have been working with child long before he or she reaches school age so would be able to liaise with the headteacher about that child's individual needs.  We would carry out an audit of the school premises along with a mobility teacher assessment and, if necessary, arrange for any adaptations to be made before the child starts.

The reason we do not produce a list of schools, unlike for example a list of schools adapted for children who use wheelchairs, is that the individual needs of the child will dictate the precise adjustments and facilities which would be necessary.

If a child from another borough wished to attend one of our schools we would involve the equivalent services from that borough.  If a child is the subject of a Statement of Special Educational Needs slightly different administrative arrangements would apply but the principle is the same.

We do not hold any information on independent schools within our area.




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