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Etchells Primary School (map)
Heald Green, Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 3DL
Tel: 0161 437 1792

About the school
Etchells Primary School is a bigger than average primary school. It is designated a íresourcedí school, menaing that special provision is made for a number of pupils with particular special educational needs.

Most recent Ofsted Inspection report: Feb 2000

Quotes from the Ofsted report

Etchells Primary School is a very effective school and makes good provision for its pupils.

The school makes very good provision for pupils with special educational needs. The team of staff dedicated to supporting these pupils works very hard and is very skilled at what it does.

Note: although the Department for Education and Skills says this school has special facilities for visually impaired children, no mention is made of these facilities in the Ofsted report. Nor does the local education authority list Etchells Primary as having special facilities for VI children



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