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Crown Woods Secondary School (map)
Riefield Road, London SE9 2QN
Tel: 020 8850 7678


About the school
Crown Woods School is a very large mixed comprehensive school with 1958 pupils aged 11 18 including 277 in the sixth form. There is a new unit which caters for 12 pupils with visual impairment and five with moderate learning difficulties.


Most recent Ofsted Inspection Report: Oct 2002

Quotes from the Ofsted report:

Crown Woods School is improving rapidly and is satisfactory overall with some good and very good features.

Pupils who have identified learning needs, including pupils with visual impairment, make good progress in their learning especially in improving their skills in reading and writing.

Most pupils are very thoughtful towards those with special educational needs
although pupils with visual impairment feel vulnerable between lessons and are fearful of being pushed or knocked over.

The Centre has recently been re-furbished to a high standard with appropriate brightly coloured walls and fabric to help the visually impaired pupils and students.



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